Wooden Blinds

Wooden appeal to those who appreciate natural beauty and unique interior design. Available in a wide range of colours, the slats from Clarity Windows collection will beautifully complement interior in any style. While browsing through our collection of slats you are sure to come across many interesting patterns and unique shades created by Nature itself.

The ladder is an important part of any blind. It keeps slats in horizontal position as well as helps to rotate them. Subtle and almost invisible in its cord version, textile tape ladder will beautifully enhance the look of the blind and the interior. Available in several widths: 10, 12, 25 or 38 mm, the ladder can be either colour-coordinated with the blind or clash with it colouristically in a visually appealing way. The look of the blind can be further enhanced with eye-catching finishing elements like: the wand, cord weight or head rail cover.

Sun protection systems made of wood and featuring different sorts of slats can be fitted in windows of many different types and sizes. 25 mm slats will be perfect for windows of small size; fitted with steel guiding cords they will remain safely attached to tilt windows. 50 and 70 mm slats are best for large glass surfaces, like terrace doors. Our offer also features solutions for windows with non-standard shapes. Depending on the system, the blind may be mounted on the window frame, wall or ceiling.

Smooth operation of the system is carried out by manual or motorised control unit. Motorised control is recommended when:

  • the blinds are mounted in a large building,
  • the window pattern rules out the use of a wand, cord or ball chain,
  • the weight of the slats makes manual operation of the blind awkward and uncomfortable.
Wooden blinds manufactured by Clarity Windows stand out for their quality, aesthetic appeal and practicality. Manufactured meticulously and with attention to detail, the blinds will provide years of trouble-free service.
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What's in the box

Our Blinds, Shades and Curtains are carefully packed with fitting instructions, screws and fixtures and fittings. If you would like to know more about fitting your blinds before you order feel free to contact Us.


Expertly made to measure in our factories we aim to get your new blind, or curtain, to you safely and quickly.

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Child Safety

In rooms to which the youngest have access, roller blinds and blinds equipped with special safeguards should be installed, such as: a string tensioner (preventing its free falling), a string or chain breakable link (self-detaching under pressure) or a detachable control mechanism (Fly Wheel). These elements are available in the basic equipment of Clarity Windows Shades / Blinds products and are used to improve children’s safety.


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