Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an elegant and fashionable window decoration; they come as either operated with a small bead chain or motorised. With its aesthetically pleasing folds, formed after the blind is pulled up, Roman blinds will beautifully decorate your lounge, bedroom or kitchen. They can be wall- or ceiling-mounted.

The RVS Roman blind is a totally new and thoroughly functional solution. Neatly mounted on the glass pane, the blind does not stand in the way during opening the window. This solution gives you the freedom to cover any part of the window. The rails of the blind (top and bottom one) can be freely moved alongside the glazing bead using convenient handles. This way the blind will form attractive folds.

Roman blinds offer sun-protection for any kind of room. They are an elegant and practical decoration of the windows as well as the whole interior. Apart from RVS Roman blinds we also offer traditional curtains:

  • grommet curtain – with an impressive wave pattern,
  • curtain with hooks – with double overlaps made at equal intervals.
When selecting your Roman blind you can order curtains and decorative cushions made of the same fabric (in search of new, exciting decorative effects you can also go for contrasting colors). One dominant pattern, repeated in different details will allow you to achieve a harmonious overall look.
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What's in the box

Our Blinds, Shades and Curtains are carefully packed with fitting instructions, screws and fixtures and fittings. If you would like to know more about fitting your blinds before you order feel free to contact Us.


Expertly made to measure in our factories we aim to get your new blind, or curtain, to you safely and quickly.

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Child Safety

In rooms to which the youngest have access, roller blinds and blinds equipped with special safeguards should be installed, such as: a string tensioner (preventing its free falling), a string or chain breakable link (self-detaching under pressure) or a detachable control mechanism (Fly Wheel). These elements are available in the basic equipment of Clarity Windows Shades / Blinds products and are used to improve children’s safety.


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